Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hey Garmin, get Canadian eh?

We spent the day driving to Charlottetown today. It was thanks to the GPS, a Garmin, that we changed course. After a few presses of the screen we realized that Charlottetown was only 4 hours away, a mere jaunt for someone from Northern Ontario. So there we were on the road. I noticed, however, that this GPS was silent.

I had turned off the voice prompts on my GPS about 2 days after I bought it. So did my sister, whose car I was in on my way to Charlottetown. She said that she found it rude. Funny, I found the same. So did her husband. To me, the imperative tone of the GPS man or lady drove me nuts. So bossy. Than it occurred me, you can choose an Australian, English, or American, but there is no choice for Canadian. The American voice, the American standard English, not too dissimilar to my own accent, tells you to "turn right in 200 meters". How rude indeed. I believe a Canadian, from Charlottetown to Toronto and possibly out to Victoria would say, "Please turn right in 200 metres", and would sure as heck, he or she would inflect that last syllable.

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